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Healthcare Reform Timeline

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Summary of Healthcare Benefits and Coverage: Insurers and group health plans must provide a summary of benefits and coverage document to enrollees/potential enrollees at specific times, including during enrollment and re-enrollment. The new rules also require 60-days prior notice to enrollees when a health plan or issuer modifies the terms of the plan or coverage…

Florida Relaxed Underwriting for Individual Policies

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While Healthcare Reform mandates that insurers cannot deny coverage on the basis of pre-existing conditions beginning in January 2014, individual health insurance continues to be fully medically underwritten for individuals under 65. In recent months, however, Florida Blue has relaxed underwriting requirements for some conditions.

Florida Health Choices

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Dear clients and friends: It has been a busy summer at ICCF. The Supreme Court ruling in June was a strong signal that the PPACA Health Reform legislation is here to stay. The implications can be far reaching and while there is still much that remains uncertain, we continue to commit to ongoing education to…

Healthcare Reform Upheld

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It is now widely known that the Supreme Court has upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as constitutional. In a 5-4 ruling today, the Supreme Court upheld the overwhelming majority of the legislation, including the controversial individual mandate.

Protecting Your Paycheck: Disability Insurance

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As fiscally prudent individuals, we tend to insure everything that we possibly can, including our homes, cars, businesses, health, life – even our vacations. Many of us, however, fail to insure the one thing that puts food on our tables and keeps a roof over our heads – our paycheck.

Florida Blue BlueOptions Premium Increase

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Effective June 1, 2012, the monthly premiums for all Florida Blue BlueOptions health insurance plans will increase by an average of 9.2%. This premium increase takes place annually as a result of increased health care costs and the aging of the collective insured group. Florida Blue members will receive the increase notice with their first…



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