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ICCF Makes The Orlando Business Journal’s 2014 Top Insurance Brokerages List

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ICCF is proud to announce that we made the Orlando Business Journal’s Top Insurance Brokerages List for 2014. This recognition by the OBJ reflects our commitment to providing the insurance and wealth management products that meet the unique needs of our most precious stakeholders—our clients. Though our team may be small, we pride ourselves on…

Insurance Options That You Probably Aren’t Considering—But Should

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We’re all bombarded with advertisements for health, car and homeowners’ insurance every day. Flo, the Gecko and the President from “24” constantly tout the importance of having coverage, but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee our families will be protected in the event of a serious casualty. In fact, there are several situations in which your family…

ICCF Wealth Management’s Douglas Sheahan Featured On

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Douglas Sheahan, president of ICCF Wealth Management, was quoted in a recent article on Tyson Foods’ recent $6.3 billion bid for Hillshire Brands. Sheahan observed that though Tyson’s acquisition of Hillshire might be attractive as an entry into the pork market as commodity prices look to be on the rise, Hillshire’s strong balance sheet…



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