Archives: March 2015

How Florida Blue and Florida Hospital’s Contract Dispute May Affect You

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Florida Blue and Florida Hospital are currently in a contract dispute that may affect its customers. Florida Blue is currently trying to renegotiate its current rates with Florida Hospital. The hospital sent a letter to its staff in February saying that it was working to resolve the contract dispute by the June 1 deadline. The…

Florida Legislature Weighing Medicaid Expansion

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About 800,000 more Floridians could get health care coverage if the state decides to expand Medicaid. The new legislative session just began in March, and already some lawmakers are pushing to expand the program, which provides coverage to low-income individuals and families. A state Senate panel recently approved a proposal that would allow Florida to…

Ship Happens! Does Your Business Need Inland Marine Insurance?

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If you’re a business owner, you likely have property and liability insurance. But depending on your industry, there’s another type of policy you may want to consider: inland marine insurance. Despite its name, inland marine insurance isn’t for people who own nautical businesses or those who work on the high seas. It’s actually for any…



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