Tips for Breaking into the Insurance Industry

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The insurance industry contributes more than $420 billion to America’s GDP and employs more than 2.6 million people in the U.S.

To bring awareness to the industry and highlight insurance as a rewarding and stable career path, a group of insurance trade associations, insurance companies and industry partners have launched the inaugural Insurance Careers Month this February.

Insurance Careers Month is part of a campaign to promote insurance as “the career trifecta” — a stable, rewarding and limitless occupation for anyone willing to put in the work.

I understand this firsthand. I was attracted to working in the insurance industry, specifically the agency side, because of the ability to represent large, reputable companies and achieve personal growth while still operating in an entrepreneurial environment.

I started working in the industry in 2003, building my practice around small and mid-sized employee benefit plans. I acquired ICCF in 2010 and expanded my business to provide insurance and financial services — from personal, group and commercial insurance to a suite of wealth management products — to individuals and businesses in Central Florida.

My trajectory isn’t entirely unique. There are thousands of other people who have entered the industry and developed fulfilling careers. Anyone interested in becoming an insurance professional should get to know various segments of the industry and the role each segment plays. Understanding the delineation of products also is key.

Attitude is just as important. Once you learn about the industry’s different facets, choose a segment that fits your personality and skills well. Also be willing to learn and adapt to changes.

Today’s insurance professionals need to be good sellers, too. Do your best to cultivate long-lasting relationships that will lead to ongoing referrals. Pitching is only one part of the sales process. Once you get customers in the door, you have to keep them. That’s why it’s critical to put customer service first. Do these things and you’ll have a successful and rewarding career.

Hopefully, I’ve piqued your interest in insurance. If you’d like to learn more about the industry, visit the website for Insurance Careers Month.



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